Kendall Jenner Goes Nude For Jacquemus Holiday Campaign

Beyond the booty, Kendall Jenner shines her body in Jacquemus’ Holiday Campaign

Kendall Jenner is renowned not just for her athletic prowess, and in Jacquemus's latest holiday campaign, named "Guirlande," the model showcases her extraordinary athleticism while wearing ice skates and skis. Interestingly, Jacquemus introduced the campaign not with Jenner's face but...
Premier League Thinking Off To Scrap Out Var Technologies

Premier League mulls overhaul of VAR, fans anticipate significant changes

Premier League fans may soon witness their desire for a change in the current VAR system fulfilled, as reports suggest a potential abandonment, although it could be succeeded by a system remarkably similar. Hawk-Eye has overseen goal-line technology since 2013,...
Kaka Surprisingly Claims Ronaldo Nazario Lacks Respect In Brazil

Kaka surprisingly claims Ronaldo Nazario lacks respect in Brazil

Former Brazilian football sensation Kaka made an eyebrow-raising statement about his compatriot and legendary striker Ronaldo Nazario. Kaka asserted that Ronaldo is often not given the reverence he deserves in their home country. Kaka stated his opinions on the matter during...
Veronika Rajek

WATCH! Veronika Rajek topless in Capri after wearing tiny bikini

One of the most spectacular influencer runs in recent memory belongs to Veronika Rajek. Many less important influences could have blown it when it came to making headlines about her devotion to Tom Brady. She's clearly not one of the...
Premier League Coaches Looking For Var Referees

Premier League managers seek VAR assistance – No prior experience needed

The PGMOL is reportedly seeking new VAR officials as there is a shortage of referees willing to work at Stockley Park. This shortage is not surprising given the numerous high-profile controversies involving the video assistant referee in the Premier...
Ivana Knoll

PICTURES. Ivana Knoll’s creamy birthday bash in Ibiza on Instagram

Ivana Knoll, famously known as one of the World Cup's hottest fans, celebrated her 31st birthday in style, sporting a revealing pink bikini as she toasted to another year with a seductive and sumptuous cake. The Croatian model gained...
Spiranac Of Tennis Rachel Stuhlmann Claims That In Order To Establish Her Brand, She Would Post Anything She Wants.

Rachel Stuhlmann ‘Spiranac of tennis’ says she would post whatever she likes to build...

Rachel Stuhlmann recently shared her journey of establishing a personal brand through authenticity and how she's inspiring a new wave of tennis enthusiasts. Stuhlmann's passion for tennis ignited during her early years, with her commencing the sport in kindergarten and...

When Neymar was reported trying seduce Zaniolo’s girlfriend Chiara Nasti

Neymar is one of the most admired soccer players in the world and he has a rather good taste for women. Unfortunately, it was reported by the Italian outlet Chi is that the Brazilian star tried to seduce Chiara...
Jessica Goicoechea Stuns Instagram Followers With The Bold Nude Snapshot

Marc Bartra’s girlfriend Jessica Goicoechea stuns Instagram followers with the bold nude snapshot

Jessica Goicoechea, renowned for her modeling career and as the partner of footballer Marc Bartra, has taken Instagram by storm with a daring nude photograph posted on her public feed. With a staggering 1.8 million followers, Jessica's latest share...
Veronika Rajek...

Veronika Rajek hot in a green bikini pulling down the swimwear in Italy.

Veronika Rajek is shocking Instagram by taking down her bikini bottoms when she is very wet. The 27-year-old Slovakian model delighted her admirers in video mode as she uploaded earlier this week, making sure to show off her incredible...