Emma Louise Jones, BBC presenter, delights viewers with hilarious ‘DM Helpline’ clip mocking X-rated message sender

Emma Louise Jones made fun of a supporter who messaged her on social media with a strange X-rated message.

Emma Louise Jones mocks a creep fan
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Leeds United TV and BBC Sport luminary, Emma Louise Jones, recently posted a clever video in which she assumed the role of a hotline assistant, engaging in a conversation with an individual identified as “Simon” — who, in this context, plays the part of the online “creep.”

Emma, at the age of 33, boasts a substantial online following, with more than 400,000 devoted followers on her Instagram account.

Her popularity primarily stems from her esteemed career as a sports reporter, where she has garnered a dedicated fan base. However, her prominence also comes with a downside, as she frequently becomes the target of unwanted attention from individuals who send lewd and inappropriate X-rated messages to her direct messages (DMs).

In response to these unsolicited advances, Emma has taken it upon herself to shed light on this issue by publicly calling out and addressing those who send her such uncomfortable and offensive messages.

Nevertheless, she has devised a clever method to satirize these individuals, with the aim of dissuading potential wrongdoers.

Emma has shared a video on her Instagram account in which she amusingly portrays herself as a hotline operator for the “DM Helpline,” complete with a headset.

In this video, Emma engages in a conversation with a person named “Simon” who had previously sent her messages containing inappropriate messages, which read “Hey Emma, show us your t**s please” and “Keep up the good work.”

Emma’s response to Simon is both witty and thought-provoking as she questions, “Do you think that is an appropriate conversation starter Simon?”

Following a brief pause in which she impersonated a response, she continued, stating, “I know you said please, but you did still ask a woman that you have never met to show you her t**s.”

“I know you told her to keep up the good work, but you still asked a woman that you have never met to show you her t**s.”

“My advice to you would be to stop asking women to show you their t**s.”

This isn’t Emma’s inaugural encounter with the “DM Helpline” concept, as she previously employed it with “Sniffy Dave” in May.

Her fans thoroughly enjoyed the performance, expressing their appreciation in the comments section.

One fan commented: “These skits are funny but it’s a serious message.”

A second wrote: “I really do enjoy these. I know there shouldn’t need to be a reason to post them in the first place hopefully, it raises awareness.”

A third eagerly said, “Was waiting for the next DM Helpline episode. It didn’t disappoint. Pure comedy.”

While another commented on the serious message that needs to be sent “Comedy genius but with a serious message.”


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