WEIRD. Philly’s Games viral video prompts discussion on Twitter

Philly’s Games, one of South Africa’s largest holiday tournaments, is currently in progress and has come under fire for a bizarre performance on Tuesday.

This follows the round of 16 second leg match between Isithembiso and Phanda Phanda, in which Isithembiso players were seen collapsing to the ground and giving the ball away in stoppage time.

When Isithembiso pulled off one of the most unusual tricks in football, known as isicathulo, one of the opponents picked up the ball from his own half and easily went all the way to score a consolation goal, giving them a three-goal advantage and a 6-1 aggregate lead.

The bizarre incident caused a stir on social media and sparked a discussion on Twitter. While some football fans were in full support, pointing out that the stunt is just a part of the kasi football game as it is just for entertainment, others were outraged by the action.