Casemiro’s animated protest sparks blue card debate

Casemiro's protest against a yellow card during Manchester United's match against Aston Villa sparked discussions about the introduction of blue cards in football. Fans speculated on the consequences of these rule changes, with some predicting Casemiro would be the first player to receive a blue card. Plans for blue cards were delayed, and FIFA confirmed sin-bin trials would not occur in top-tier competitions.

Casemiro's Animated Protest Sparks Blue Card Debate

Casemiro’s passionate protest during Manchester United’s clash against Aston Villa ignited discussions about the proposed introduction of blue cards in football. The midfielder’s animated reaction to receiving a yellow card for a foul on Villa’s Matty Cash had fans speculating about the potential consequences under the proposed rule changes.

During the match, Casemiro vehemently protested the referee’s decision, even gesturing for an imaginary blue card to be shown to Cash for alleged diving. Fans took to social media to express their views, with many humorously predicting that Casemiro would be the first player to receive a blue card if the rule were implemented. The proposed introduction of blue cards and sin-bins has faced criticism from various stakeholders in football, including fans, managers, and pundits.

Following the backlash plans to introduce blue cards were delayed, and FIFA confirmed that sin-bin trials would not take place in top-tier competitions. The incident involving Casemiro underscores the ongoing debate surrounding disciplinary measures in football and the potential impact of proposed rule changes on the game.


Carlos Henrique Casimiro

Defender, Midfielder


Age: 32

185 cm

84 kg

Season 2023/2024
Played 2 1 Missed
Minutes 171 85.5 Avg
Goals 1 0.5 Avg
Assist 0 0.0 Avg
Attempt 1 0.5 Avg
Passes 95 47.575.5% AvgSucc
Yellow 1 0.5 Avg
Red 0 0.0 Avg

This season he played in total 11 times for 903 minutes for Premier League.

Casemiro scored 1 goal for Manchester United. He procured two assists. He received 3 yellow cards and no red cards.

His team is currently 6th in Premier League. In the last match Manchester United won 2-1 against Aston Villa. The next match in Premier League will be against Luton Town.

Manchester United performance and stats

Manchester United

Manager: Erik ten Hag
Rank 6th
Win 14
Draw 2
Loss 10
Goals 36-36
Diff 0
Rank 4th
Win 1
Draw 1
Loss 4
Goals 12-15
Diff -3

Manchester United is currently 6th in the Premier League with 41 points.

In the last 24 games, it has won 13 times, drawn twice, and lost 9 times. In its last match, Manchester United won 1-2 against Aston Villa.​​

It has a even goal difference after scoring 33 goals and conceding 33.​

Manchester United will play the next match in Premier League against Luton Town on Saturday 17th of February in Luton.​

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