NECKER ISLAND. Genie Bouchard publishes new pictures in a bikini and videos of partying.

Canadian tennis sensation Eugenie Bouchard is enjoying her holidays at Necker Island, sharing a carousel of images and videos on Instagram.

Eugenie Bouchard Enjoying Her Necker Island Holiday
Instagram @geniebouchard

Eugenie Bouchard the Canadian tennis sensation has currently been enjoying her holidays at Necker Island.

She is constantly updating her 2.4 million Instagram followers about her trip. Recently she shared a carousel of images and videos of her holiday time.

The first pic showed Genie in a red bikini along side beach under a coconut tree.

Followed by her sexy pic, she shared herself enjoying tennis with her friends, also sharing the view from her hotel balcony.

Eugenie also shared photos where she is seen posing with her friends for a party. Later images continued sharing her happy holiday vibes at Necker Island.

The comments section was filled with love.


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