Marc Bartra’s girlfriend Jessica Goicoechea stuns Instagram followers with the bold nude snapshot

Jessica Goicoechea, a renowned model and, has gained fame on Instagram with a daring nude photograph. The 26-year-old shares a humorous packing scene with a suitcase, captioning it "Two things I do a lot in one photo: packing and being naked." Fans and admirers have praised her tan lines, with former footballer Marc Bartra also expressing his affection.

Jessica Goicoechea Stuns Instagram Followers With The Bold Nude Snapshot
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Jessica Goicoechea, renowned for her modeling career and as the partner of footballer Marc Bartra, has taken Instagram by storm with a daring nude photograph posted on her public feed. With a staggering 1.8 million followers, Jessica’s latest share includes a series of ten captivating snapshots, among which the nude image stands out.

In the photo, the 26-year-old is depicted seated amidst the clutter of a room while packing a suitcase, captioning it humorously with, “Two things I do a lot in one photo: packing and being naked.” Fans and admirers showered her with praise and enthusiasm. One comment described her tan lines as “the sexiest dream ever,” while others encouraged more posts with similar themes.

Marc Bartra, not to be outdone, joined the conversation with a loving comment adorned with emojis, expressing his affection for Jessica. This provocative Instagram share is not Jessica’s first foray into the limelight, as she previously made headlines for a dazzling diamond-strapped dress at the Premios Idolo Awards.

Jessica Goicoechea’s bold Instagram post is a testament to her charisma and confidence, captivating her vast social media following.

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