Urawa Reds grabs a draw against Gamba Osaka. HIGHLIGHTS

TOKYO. Urawa Reds managed to snatch a late draw against Gamba Osaka with a late goal from A. Scholz.

Urawa Reds grabs a draw against Gamba Osaka. HIGHLIGHTS

TOKYO. Urawa Reds found a way to capture a draw against Gamba Osaka with a late goal from A. Scholz scored in the (90′) after Gamba Osaka got a lead with a goal from M. Saito (33′).

The match was played at the Nishigaoka National Stadium stadium in Tokyo on Saturday and it started at 7:00 pm local time. The referee was Yuichi Nishimura with the help of Hiroshi Yamauchi and Naoya Okawa. The 4th official was Tadashi Baba. The weather was cloudy. The temperature was hot at 28.9 degrees Celsius or 84.07 Fahrenheit. The humidity was 69%.​

Match Statistics​

  • 51 Ball Possession 49
  • 12 Total 13
  • 5 On Target 4
  • 7 Off Target 9
  • 4 Shots blocked 6
  • 90 Attack 67
  • 71 Dangerous attack 62
  • 78 Ball safe​ 73
  • 0 Penalties 1
  • 5 Corners 9
  • 12 Total 9
  • 3 Yellow Cards 2
  • 0 Double Yellow 0
  • 0 Red Card 0
  • 5 Substitutions 5

Ball possession

None of the teams had a clear upper hand in terms of ball possession. Gamba Osaka was in possession of the ball for 51% of the time vs. Urawa Reds that controlled the ball for 49% of the time.

Attitude and shots

Gamba Osaka was more aggressive with 71 dangerous attacks and 12 shots of which 5 were on target. Notwithstanding, that was not enough Gamba Osaka to win the match​.

Gamba Osaka shot 12 times, 5 on target, 7 off target. Talking about the opposition, Urawa Reds shot 13 times, 4 on target, 9 off target.


Gamba Osaka received 3 yellow cards (I. Sakamoto, Dawhan and M. Higashiguchi). On the opposite side, Urawa Reds received 2 yellow cards (Y. Hirano and ).

Match Timeline

M. Saito(goal)H. Ishige
I. Sakamoto- Yellow
S. Kurata(var)
Y. Hirano- sub ->K. Shibato
D. Karlsson- sub ->Y. Koizumi
H. Sakai- sub ->Y. Miyamoto
Y. Hirano- Yellow
Dawhan- sub ->K. Okuno
H. Fujiharu- sub ->K. Kurokawa
Y. Matsuo- sub ->T. Iwanami
G. Shoji- sub ->S. Fukuoka
R. Takao- sub ->S. Kurata
Patric- sub ->I. Sakamoto
T. Sekine- sub ->A. Esaka
Dawhan- Yellow
A. Scholz(penalty)
M. Higashiguchi- Yellow
- Yellow


After playing this match, Gamba Osaka will have 21 points to sit in the 13th place. Talking about the opposition, Urawa Reds will have 22 points like Nagoya Grampus to sit in the 11th place.

Next matches

In the next match in the J-League, Gamba Osaka will play away with Kashima Antlers on the 4th of November with a 11-10 head to head in favor of Kashima Antlers (10 draws).

Urawa Reds will host Avispa Fukuoka on the 4th of November with a 7-1 head to head in favor of Urawa Reds (1 draw).

Gamba Osaka – Formation

Gamba Osaka started with a 3-4-2-1 line-up (3-4-2-1).

The manager Tomohiro Katanosaka decided to play with the following team: .


Gamba Osaka made 5 changes: K. Okuno for Dawhan (59′), K. Kurokawa for H. Fujiharu (59′), S. Fukuoka for G. Shoji (71′), S. Kurata for R. Takao (72′) and I. Sakamoto for Patric (79′).

Urawa Reds – Formation

Urawa Reds started with a 4-2-3-1 line-up (4-2-3-1).

Ricardo Rodríguez Suárez played with: .


Urawa Reds made 5 changes: K. Shibato for Y. Hirano (46′), Y. Koizumi for D. Karlsson (46′), Y. Miyamoto for H. Sakai (46′), T. Iwanami for Y. Matsuo (68′) and A. Esaka for T. Sekine (79′).

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