Lillestrøm beats Haugesund 3-0. HIGHLIGHT

Lillestrøm was eventually too good for Haugesund.

Lillestrøm beats Haugesund 3-0. HIGHLIGHT

Lillestrøm was eventually too good for Haugesund.

The match was played at the Haugesund Stadion stadium in HAUGESUND on Sunday and it started at 4:00 pm local time. The referee was Sivert Amland. The weather was clear. The temperature was pleasant at 16.1 degrees Celsius or 61.05 Fahrenheit. The humidity was 77%.​

Haugesund started with a aggressive line-up. On the other side, Lillestrøm adopted for an extremely aggressive formation (3-4-3).

Haugesund – Formation

Jostein Grindhaug decided to play with the following team: Egil Selvik, Thore Baardsen Pedersen, Ulrik Tillung Fredriksen, Benjamin Hansen, Alexander Stolaas, Peter Therkildsen, Kevin Martin Krygard, Sondre Liseth, Niklas Sandberg, Alioune Ndour and Kristoffer Velde.

The home team had on the bench: Helge Sandvik, Anders Baertelsen, Torje Naustdal, Mads Berg Sande, Martin Samuelsen, Alexander Søderlund and Vegard Solheim.

Lillestrøm – Formation

On the other side, Geir Grindhaug played with: Mads Christiansen, Espen Bjornsen Garnas, Igoh Ogbu, Tom Pettersson, Lars Ranger, Kaan Kairinen, Ifeanyi Mathew, Vetle Winger Dragsnes, Daniel Gustafsson, Thomas Lehne Olsen and Gjermund Åsen.

They had on the bench: Knut Andre Skjaerstein, Josef Baccay, Philip Slordahl, Jonatan Braut Brunes, Eskil Smidesang Edh, Magnus Knudsen, Fredrik Krogstad, Tobias Hammer Svendsen and Henrik Skogvold.

  • 52 Ball Possession 48
  • 6 Total 12
  • 3 On Target 4
  • 3 Off Target 8
  • 1 Shots blocked 2
  • 106 Attack 83
  • 39 Dangerous attack 47
  • 88 Ball safe​ 85
  • 0 Penalties 0
  • 5 Corners 7
  • 14 Total 15
  • 2 Yellow Cards 4
  • 0 Double Yellow 0
  • 0 Red Card 0
  • 5 Substitutions 5

There was not much difference in terms of ball possession. Haugesund was in possession of the ball for 53% of the time vs. Lillestrøm that controlled the ball for 47% of the time.

Match Timeline

Espen Garnås- Yellow
Martin Samuelsen- sub ->A. Ndour
Mads Sande- sub ->S. Liseth
Eskil Smidesang Edh- sub ->D. Gustavsson
Magnus Knudsen- sub ->T. Pettersson
Alexander Søderlund- sub ->K. Krygard
Eskil Smidesang Edh- Yellow
Ulrik Fredriksen(own-goal)
Henrik Skogvold- sub ->G. Asen

After this match, Haugesund will stay with 22 points to stay in the 8th place. On the other side, Lillestrøm will have 28 points to stay in the 3rd place.

In the next match in the Eliteserien, Haugesund will play away Brann on the 28th of August with a 8-7 head to head in favor of Brann (6 draw). Lillestrøm will play away Mjøndalen on the 28th of August with a 4-0 head to head in favor of Lillestrøm (1 draw).