Vissel Kobe wipes out Sagan Tosu 4-0 after playing a fantastic match. HIGHLIGHTS

KOBE. Vissel Kobe wipes out Sagan Tosu 4-0 with goals of

Vissel Kobe wipes out Sagan Tosu 4-0 after playing a fantastic match. HIGHLIGHTS

KOBE. Vissel Kobe destroys Sagan Tosu 4-0 with goals of A. Iniesta (2′), K. Yuruki (14′), Y. Muto (64′) and Y. Osako (90′). Sagan Tosu was decisively superior in terms of ball possession (62%).​

The match was played at the NOEVIR Stadium Kobe stadium in Kobe on Saturday and it started at 3:00 pm local time. The referee was Tomohiro Inoue who was helped by Jun Mihara and Shingo Sakamoto. The 4th official was Tadashi Baba. The weather was cloudy. The temperature was pleasant at 19.9 degrees Celsius or 67.78 Fahrenheit. The humidity was 91%.​

Match Statistics​

  • ! 38 Ball Possession 62
  • 8 Total 6
  • 6 On Target 2
  • 2 Off Target 4
  • 0 Shots blocked 1
  • 68 Attack 97
  • 38 Dangerous attack 89
  • 90 Ball safe​ 75
  • 0 Penalties 0
  • 0 Corners 6
  • 2 Off Sides 4
  • 11 Total 9
  • 0 Yellow Cards 0
  • 0 Double Yellow 0
  • 0 Red Card 0
  • 4 Substitutions 5

Ball possession

Sagan Tosu had a superior ball possession 62% while Vissel Kobe was struggling with a 38% ball possession.

Attitude and shots

Sagan Tosu was more pushing with 89 dangerous attacks and 6 shots of which 2 were on target. Nevertheless, Vissel Kobe found a way to find the solution to win this encounter.​

Vissel Kobe shot 8 times, 6 on target, 2 off target. On the other side, Sagan Tosu shot 6 times, 2 on target, 4 off target.


None of the teams received any yellow card.

Match Timeline

A. Iniesta(goal)G. Sakai
K. Yuruki(goal)A. Iniesta
Y. Nakano- sub ->Y. Iwasaki
T. Miyashiro- sub ->T. Kikuchi
S. Araki- sub ->N. Iino
Y. Muto(goal)G. Sakai
Y. Osako- sub ->A. Iniesta
N. Fujita- sub ->A. Fukuta
Y. Fujihara- sub ->F. Honda
S. Inoue- sub ->K. Yuruki
B. Krkic- sub ->Y. Muto
Y. Oda- sub ->Y. Goke
Y. Osako(goal)B. Krkic


After playing this contest, Vissel Kobe will have 7 points like Shonan Bellmare to hold in the 17th place. Talking about the opposition, Sagan Tosu will stay with 19 points to sit in the 5th place.

Next matches

In the next match in the J-League, Vissel Kobe will host Yokohama F. Marinos on the 4th of November with a 16-5 head to head stats in favor of Yokohama F. Marinos (8 draws).

Sagan Tosu will host Sanfrecce Hiroshima on the 4th of November with a 10-5 head to head record in favor of Sanfrecce Hiroshima (6 draws).

Vissel Kobe – Formation

Vissel Kobe started with a 4-3-1-2 line-up (4-3-1-2).

The manager Miguel Ángel Lotina Oruecheberría decided to play with the following team: .


Vissel Kobe made 4 changes: A. Iniesta for Y. Osako (67′), K. Yuruki for S. Inoue (80′), Y. Muto for B. Krkic (82′) and Y. Goke for Y. Oda (82′).

Sagan Tosu – Formation

Sagan Tosu started with a 3-4-2-1 line-up (3-4-2-1).

Kenta Kawai played with: .


Sagan Tosu made 5 changes: Y. Iwasaki for Y. Nakano (46′), T. Kikuchi for T. Miyashiro (61′), N. Iino for S. Araki (61′), A. Fukuta for N. Fujita (69′) and F. Honda for Y. Fujihara (73′).

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