Sport Recife beats Chapecoense 1-0 with a goal scored by L. Juba. HIGHLIGHTS

CHAPECó. Sport Recife beats Chapecoense 1-0 after L. Juba scored just 1 goal (13').

Sport Recife beats Chapecoense 1-0 with a goal scored by L. Juba. HIGHLIGHTS

CHAPECó. Sport Recife defeats Chapecoense 1-0 after L. Juba scored just 1 goal (13′).

The match was played at the Arena Condá stadium in Chapecó on Friday and it started at 9:30 pm local time. The referee was André Luiz de Freitas Castro with the assistance of Cristhian Passos Sorence and Tiago Gomes da Silva. The 4th official was Fernando Henrique de Medeiros Miranda. The weather was cloudy. The temperature was cold at 12.5 degrees Celsius or 54.46 Fahrenheit. The humidity was 98%.​

Match Statistics​

  • 55 Ball Possession 45
  • 21 Total 11
  • 4 On Target 1
  • 17 Off Target 10
  • 0 Shots blocked 0
  • 120 Attack 84
  • 97 Dangerous attack 45
  • 76 Ball safe​ 100
  • 0 Penalties 0
  • 5 Corners 6
  • 14 Total 16
  • 0 Yellow Cards 1
  • 0 Double Yellow 0
  • 0 Red Card 0
  • 5 Substitutions 5

Ball possession

Chapecoense was in firm control of the ball 55% while Sport Recife was struggling with a 45% ball possession.

Attitude and shots

Chapecoense was more aggressive with 97 dangerous attacks and 21 shots of which 4 were on target. Anyway, Sport Recife managed to find the solution to win this encounter.​

Chapecoense shot 21 times, 4 on target, 17 off target. Talking about the opposition, Sport Recife shot 11 times, 1 on target, 10 off target.


Chapecoense didn’t receive any yellow card. On the other side, Sport Recife received 1 yellow card (Everton Felipe).

Match Timeline

Luciano Juba(goal)
Giovanni- sub ->Jaderson
Derek- sub ->Maranhao
Claudinho- sub ->Lima
Jonathan- sub ->Rodrigo Varanda
Kayke- sub ->J. Parraguez
Chrystian Barletta- sub ->C. Orejuela
Everton Felipe- Yellow
Thiago- sub ->Everton Felipe
Tiago Real- sub ->Ronei
Chico- sub ->L. Hernandez
R. Vanegas- sub ->Luciano Juba


After this encounter, Chapecoense will stay with 9 points like Criciúma to move up in the 9th place. Regarding the opposition, Sport Recife will have 14 points to hold in the 1st place.

Next matches

In the next match in the Serie B, Chapecoense will play away with Guarani on the 4th of November with a 2-1 head to head statistic in favor of Chapecoense (1 draw).

Sport Recife will play away agasint Vila Nova on the 4th of November with a 5-0 head to head record in favor of Sport Recife (4 draws).

Chapecoense – Formation

Chapecoense started with a 4-2-3-1 line-up (4-2-3-1).

The manager Gilson Kleina decided to play with the following team: .


Chapecoense made 5 changes: Maranhao for Derek (46′), Lima for Claudinho (46′), Rodrigo Varanda for Jonathan (60′), C. Orejuela for Chrystian Barletta (68′) and Ronei for Tiago Real (78′).

Sport Recife – Formation

Sport Recife started with a aggressive line-up (4-3-3).

Gilmar Dal Pozzo played with: .

Sport Recife could not rely on the presence of Thiago (injured) and R. Vanegas (injured).


Sport Recife made 5 changes: Jaderson for Giovanni (46′), J. Parraguez for Kayke (64′), Everton Felipe for Thiago (72′), L. Hernandez for Chico (84′) and Luciano Juba for R. Vanegas (84′).

Results of the day

These are the results of the day in the Serie B.​