Bayer 04 Leverkusen steals a 2-1 win against SC Freiburg

LEVERKUSEN. Bayer 04 Leverkusen bested SC Freiburg to win 2-1. A goal from E. Palacios was decisive in the 90min.

Bayer 04 Leverkusen steals a 2-1 win against SC Freiburg

LEVERKUSEN. Bayer 04 Leverkusen beat SC Freiburg to win 2-1. A goal from E. Palacios was decisive in the 90min. All goals were scored in the second half.​ It was Bayer 04 Leverkusen to strike first with a goal of L. Alario at the 54′. Then it was a goal in the 88′ minute to make things even for 1-1. Eventually, E. Palacios gave the win to Bayer 04 Leverkusen in the 90′ minute with a goal.

The match was played at the BayArena stadium in Leverkusen on Saturday and it started at 3:30 pm local time. The referee was Sven Jablonski with the support of Norbert Grudzinski and Sascha Thielert. The 4th official was Robin Braun. The weather was cloudy. The temperature was pleasant at 22.5 degrees Celsius or 72.43 Fahrenheit. The humidity was 45%.​

Match Statistics​

  • 52 Ball Possession 48
  • 12 Total 14
  • 5 On Target 2
  • 7 Off Target 12
  • 0 Shots blocked 0
  • 88 Attack 111
  • 34 Dangerous attack 54
  • 102 Ball safe​ 84
  • 0 Penalties 0
  • 6 Corners 9
  • 6 Total 12
  • 2 Yellow Cards 3
  • 0 Double Yellow 0
  • 0 Red Card 0
  • 5 Substitutions 5

Ball possession

None of the teams was particularly dominant in terms of ball possession. Bayer 04 Leverkusen was in possession of the ball for 53% of the time vs. SC Freiburg that controlled the ball for 47% of the time.

Attitude and shots

SC Freiburg was putting more pressure with 54 dangerous attacks and 14 shots of which 2 were on target. Nonetheless, Bayer 04 Leverkusen managed to find the solution to win this match.​

Bayer 04 Leverkusen shot 12 times, 5 on target, 7 off target. Regarding the opposition, SC Freiburg shot 14 times, 2 on target, 12 off target.


Bayer 04 Leverkusen received 2 yellow cards (M. Diaby and J. Baumgartlinger). Talking about the opposition, SC Freiburg received 3 yellow cards (M. Eggestein, N. Schlotterbeck and K. Sildillia).

Match Timeline

M. Eggestein- Yellow
M. Diaby- Yellow
J. Baumgartlinger- Yellow
N. Schlotterbeck- Yellow
L. Alario(goal)P. Schick
R. Andrich- sub ->L. Alario
C. Aranguiz- sub ->J. Baumgartlinger
K. Sildillia- sub ->L. Kubler
M. Bakker- sub ->D. Sinkgraven
N. Petersen- sub ->Jeong Woo-Yeong
J. Haberer- sub ->M. Eggestein
K. Sildillia- Yellow
E. Demirovic- sub ->L. Holer
J. Schmid- sub ->R. Sallai
S. Azmoun- sub ->P. Schick
P. Hincapie- sub ->Paulinho
J. Haberer(goal)
E. Palacios(goal)


After playing this match, Bayer 04 Leverkusen will have 64 points to remain in the 3rd place. Talking about the opposition, SC Freiburg will stay with 55 points to sit in the 6th place.

Next matches

Bayer 04 Leverkusen – Formation

Bayer 04 Leverkusen started with a conservative line-up (4-4-2).

The manager Gerardo Seoane decided to play with the following team: .


Bayer 04 Leverkusen made 5 changes: L. Alario for R. Andrich (60′), J. Baumgartlinger for C. Aranguiz (60′), D. Sinkgraven for M. Bakker (67′), P. Schick for S. Azmoun (83′) and Paulinho for P. Hincapie (83′).

SC Freiburg – Formation

SC Freiburg started with a 4-4-1-1 line-up (4-4-1-1).

Christian Streich played with: .


SC Freiburg made 5 changes: L. Kubler for K. Sildillia (60′), Jeong Woo-Yeong for N. Petersen (69′), M. Eggestein for J. Haberer (69′), L. Holer for E. Demirovic (79′) and R. Sallai for J. Schmid (79′).

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