Boca Juniors beats Tigre 2-0 on Saturday. HIGHLIGHTS

SAN FERNANDO. Boca Juniors prevails over Tigre with a 2-0 win with a goal from D. Benedetto (44') and a goal from L. Vazquez (66').

Boca Juniors beats Tigre 2-0 on Saturday. HIGHLIGHTS
Tigre vs Boca Jrs ( 0-2 ) | Goles y Resumenes

SAN FERNANDO. Boca Juniors conquers Tigre with a 2-0 win with a goal from D. Benedetto (44′) and a goal from L. Vazquez (66′).

The match was played at the Estadio José Dellagiovanna stadium in San Fernando on Saturday and it started at 4:30 pm local time. The referee was Pablo Echavarría who had the assistance of Julio Fernández and Pablo Gualtieri. The 4th official was Fabricio Llobet. The weather was cloudy. The temperature was hot at 25.5 degrees Celsius or 77.94 Fahrenheit. The humidity was 83%.​

Match Statistics​

  • 47 Ball Possession 53
  • 9 Total 7
  • 1 On Target 5
  • 8 Off Target 2
  • 0 Shots blocked 0
  • 65 Attack 76
  • 48 Dangerous attack 34
  • 0 Ball safe​ 0
  • 0 Penalties 0
  • 11 Corners 0
  • 3 Off Sides 3
  • 10 Total 11
  • 4 Yellow Cards 2
  • 0 Double Yellow 0
  • 0 Red Card 0
  • 5 Substitutions 5

Ball possession

No teams had a vastly superior advantage in terms of ball possession. Tigre was in possession of the ball for 47% of the time vs. Boca Juniors that controlled the ball for 53% of the time.

Attitude and shots

Tigre was putting more pressure with 48 dangerous attacks and 9 shots of which 1 were on target. Still, Boca Juniors found a way to find the solution to win this match.​

Tigre shot 9 times, 1 on target, 8 off target. On the opposite side, Boca Juniors shot 7 times, 5 on target, 2 off target.


Tigre received 4 yellow cards (I. Fernandez, B. Luciatti, L. Blondel and S. Prieto). On the other side, Boca Juniors received 2 yellow cards (D. Benedetto and J. Campuzano).

Match Timeline

I. Fernandez- Yellow
B. Luciatti- Yellow
O. Salomon- sub ->V. Cabrera
L. Blondel- Yellow
D. Benedetto(goal)
D. Benedetto- Yellow
L. Vazquez- sub ->D. Benedetto
E. Salvio- sub ->S. Villa
M. Retegui- sub ->I. Fernandez
C. Zabala- sub ->L. Menossi
L. Vazquez(goal)C. Medina
S. Prieto- Yellow
G. Avila- sub ->M. Rojo
A. Obando- sub ->I. Protti
F. Colidio- sub ->A. Castro
N. Orsini- sub ->E. Zeballos
J. Ramirez- sub ->A. Molinas
J. Campuzano- Yellow


After playing this match, Tigre will stay with 20 points like Aldosivi to remain in the 6th place. Regarding the opposition, Boca Juniors will have 27 points to sit in the 4th place.

Next matches

Tigre – Formation

Tigre started with a mid-fielder-oriented line-up (4-1-4-1).

The manager Diego Hernán Martínez decided to play with the following team: .

Tigre could not rely on the presence of O. Salomon (injured).


Tigre made 5 changes: V. Cabrera for O. Salomon (33′), I. Fernandez for M. Retegui (63′), L. Menossi for C. Zabala (64′), I. Protti for A. Obando (75′) and A. Castro for F. Colidio (75′).

Boca Juniors – Formation

Boca Juniors started with a aggressive line-up (4-3-3).

Sebastián Alejandro Battaglia played with: .


Boca Juniors made 5 changes: D. Benedetto for L. Vazquez (62′), S. Villa for E. Salvio (63′), M. Rojo for G. Avila (72′), E. Zeballos for N. Orsini (76′) and A. Molinas for J. Ramirez (76′).

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