Real Sociedad II recovers a 0-1 deficit to top Fuenlabrada 2-1. HIGHLIGHTS

FUENLABRADA. Real Sociedad II found a way to reverse the scoreline against Fuenlabrada to win 2-1.

Real Sociedad II recovers a 0-1 deficit to top Fuenlabrada 2-1. HIGHLIGHTS
Resumen de CF Fuenlabrada vs Real Sociedad B (1-2)

FUENLABRADA. Real Sociedad II succeeded in reverse the score against Fuenlabrada to win 2-1. It was Fuenlabrada to strike first with a goal of M. Bouldini at the 45′. Then it was a goal in the 63′ minute to make things even for 1-1. Eventually, A. Sola gave the win to Real Sociedad II in the 90′ minute. Real Sociedad II was surely superior in terms of ball possession (62%) and that was among the factors of its victory.​

M. Bouldini received a red card (87′)​. This double yellow card was one of the reason why Fuenlabrada lost the match.

The match was played at the Estadio Fernando Torres stadium in Fuenlabrada on Saturday and it started at 4:00 pm local time. The referee was José Antonio López Toca with the assistance of Abraham Pérez Dapía and Javier García Lorenzo. The 4th official was Carlos Pérez Fernández. The weather was clear. The temperature was pleasant at 23.7 degrees Celsius or 74.59 Fahrenheit. The humidity was 29%.​

Match Statistics​

  • ! 39 Ball Possession 61
  • 11 Total 21
  • 5 On Target 7
  • 6 Off Target 14
  • 0 Shots blocked 6
  • 89 Attack 128
  • 31 Dangerous attack 62
  • 80 Ball safe​ 88
  • 0 Penalties 0
  • 5 Corners 7
  • 2 Off Sides 4
  • 15 Total 9
  • 6 Yellow Cards 2
  • 1 Double Yellow 0
  • 1 Red Card 0
  • 5 Substitutions 5

Ball possession

Real Sociedad II had a strong ball possession 62% while Fuenlabrada was struggling with a 38% ball possession.

Attitude and shots

Real Sociedad II was more aggressive with 62 dangerous attacks and 21 shots of which 7 were on target. This is one of the reasons why Real Sociedad II won the match.​

Fuenlabrada shot 11 times, 5 on target, 6 off target. Regarding the opposition, Real Sociedad II shot 21 times, 7 on target, 14 off target.


Fuenlabrada received 5 yellow cards (Tachi, P. Gozzi, M. Bouldini, M. Iribas and R. Zozulya). Regarding the opposition, Real Sociedad II received 2 yellow cards (A. Martin and B. Turrientes).

M. Bouldini (Fuenlabrada) was sent off after receiving a second yellow card (87′).

Match Timeline

X. Alkain Mitxelena(var)
Tachi- Yellow
M. Bouldini(goal)
A. Kante- sub ->D. Amigo
X. Alkain(goal)A. Martin
P. Gozzi- sub ->P. Valentin
M. Diame- sub ->R. Pulido
J. Magunazelaia Argoitia- sub ->X. Alkain
J. Karrikaburu- sub ->J. Lobete
P. Gozzi- Yellow
Anderson- sub ->J. Ontiveros
R. Zozulya- sub ->P. Leon
A. Martin- Yellow
J. Gomez- sub ->A. Martin
E. Clemente- sub ->A. Arambarri
B. Turrientes- Yellow
M. Bouldini- Yellow
M. Bouldini(yellowred)
M. Iribas- Yellow
D. Garrido- sub ->U. Gonzalez
R. Zozulya- Yellow
A. Sola(goal)B. Turrientes


After playing this encounter, Fuenlabrada will stay with 29 points to sit in the 21st place. Regarding the opposition, Real Sociedad II will have 40 points to remain in the 19th place.

Next matches

In the next match in the La Liga 2, Fuenlabrada will play away against Lugo on the 14th of May with a 2-1 head to head stats in favor of Lugo (2 draws).

Real Sociedad II will host Almería on the 13th of May with a 1-0 head to head statistic in favor of Almería (0 draws).

Fuenlabrada – Formation

Fuenlabrada started with a 4-2-3-1 line-up (4-2-3-1).

The manager José Ramón Sandoval Huertas decided to play with the following team: .

Fuenlabrada could not rely on the presence of A. Kante (injured) and M. Diame (injured).


Fuenlabrada made 5 changes: D. Amigo for A. Kante (61′), P. Valentin for P. Gozzi (67′), R. Pulido for M. Diame (67′), J. Ontiveros for Anderson (76′) and P. Leon for R. Zozulya (76′).

Real Sociedad II – Formation

Real Sociedad II started with an extremely aggressive line-up (3-4-3).

Xabier Alonso Olano played with: .


Real Sociedad II made 5 changes: J. Lobete for J. Karrikaburu (69′), X. Alkain for J. Magunazelaia Argoitia (69′), A. Martin for J. Gomez (80′), A. Arambarri for E. Clemente (80′) and U. Gonzalez for D. Garrido (88′).

Results of the day

These are the results of the day in the La Liga 2.​