Arda and Lokomotiv Plovdiv draws a hectic match 4-4 on Saturday. HIGHLIGHTS

KARDZHALI. Arda and Lokomotiv Plovdiv played an incredible match before drawing 4-4.

Arda and Lokomotiv Plovdiv draws a hectic match 4-4 on Saturday. HIGHLIGHTS
Арда - Локомотив (Пловдив) 4-4 репортаж

KARDZHALI. Arda and Lokomotiv Plovdiv played a scintillating incredible match before drawing 4-4. Lokomotiv Plovdiv was not able to win even if it was superior in terms of ball possession (56%)

The match was played at the Arena Arda stadium in Kardzhali on Saturday and it started at 5:30 pm local time. The weather was cloudy. The temperature was pleasant at 15.8 degrees Celsius or 60.4 Fahrenheit. The humidity was 65%.​

Match Statistics​

  • 44 Ball Possession 56
  • 10 Total 19
  • 6 On Target 9
  • 4 Off Target 10
  • 0 Shots blocked 0
  • 68 Attack 77
  • 45 Dangerous attack 98
  • 0 Ball safe​ 0
  • 1 Penalties 0
  • 3 Corners 11
  • 5 Off Sides 2
  • 12 Total 12
  • 3 Yellow Cards 2
  • 0 Double Yellow 0
  • 0 Red Card 0

Ball possession

Lokomotiv Plovdiv had a strong ball possession 56% while Arda was struggling with a 44% ball possession.

Attitude and shots

Lokomotiv Plovdiv was putting more pressure with 98 dangerous attacks and 19 shots of which 9 were on target. Nonetheless, that was not enough Lokomotiv Plovdiv to win the match​.

Arda shot 10 times, 6 on target, 4 off target. Regarding the opposition, Lokomotiv Plovdiv shot 19 times, 9 on target, 10 off target.


Arda received 3 yellow cards (H. Ivanov, L. Kotev and M. Zhelev). On the opposite side, Lokomotiv Plovdiv received 2 yellow cards (D. Iliev and R. Bidounga).

Match Timeline

T. Yordanov(penalty)
D. Iliev(goal)
I. Tilev- sub ->A. Georgiev
H. Ivanov- sub ->I. Yurukov
D. Iliev- Yellow
R. Bidounga- Yellow
L. Kotev(goal)M. Zhelev
I. Tilev(goal)T. Yordanov
I. Dimitrov- sub ->A. Vasilev
L. Salinas- sub ->P. Vitanov
V. Marcel- sub ->P. Borukov
I. Kokonov(goal)M. Zhelev
V. Marcel(goal)B. Karageren
R. Rumenov- sub ->E. M. Tetah
H. Ivanov- sub ->B. Karageren
I. Sulev- sub ->D. Iliev
H. Ivanov- Yellow
I. Dimitrov(goal)L. Salinas
A. Zehirov- sub ->I. Kokonov
M. Petrovic(goal)L. Salinas
M. Zhelev- Yellow
L. Kotev- Yellow


After this match, Arda will have 32 points to sit in the 11th place. On the other side, Lokomotiv Plovdiv will have 37 points like CSKA 1948 Sofia and Slavia Sofia to sit in the 9th place.

Next matches

In the next match in the Parva Liga, Arda will play away against CSKA 1948 Sofia on the 13th of May with a 3-1 head to head record in favor of Arda (3 draws).

Lokomotiv Plovdiv will play away agasint Beroe on the 13th of May with a 15-13 head to head statistic in favor of Beroe (11 draws).

Arda – Formation

Arda adopted the 4-2-3-1 line-up (4-2-3-1).

The manager Stamen Belchev decided to play with the following team: .


Arda made 4 changes: I. Yurukov for H. Ivanov (57′), A. Georgiev for I. Tilev (57′), E. M. Tetah for R. Rumenov (79′) and I. Kokonov for A. Zehirov (88′).

Lokomotiv Plovdiv – Formation

Also Lokomotiv Plovdiv adopted the 4-2-3-1 line-up (4-2-3-1).

Aleksandar Tomash Tomovski played with: .


Lokomotiv Plovdiv made 5 changes: A. Vasilev for I. Dimitrov (71′), P. Vitanov for L. Salinas (71′), P. Borukov for V. Marcel (71′), B. Karageren for H. Ivanov (79′) and D. Iliev for I. Sulev (79′).

Results of the day

These are the results of the day in the Parva Liga.​