Pep Guardiola stands by Erling Haaland and criticizes Roy Keane’s comments

Pep Guardiola has defended Erling Haaland, stating he is "the best in the world" and rebuffing Roy Keane's criticism. Guardiola compared Haaland's performance to a League Two player, comparing it to retired referees criticizing officials. He emphasized the importance of players accepting criticism and focusing on other tasks. Haaland has scored 52 goals in his debut season and 29 more this term, and Guardiola believes his performance against Arsenal was not solely due to missed chances.

Pep Guardiola Stands By Erling Haaland And Criticizes Roy Keane's Comments
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Pep Guardiola has staunchly defended Erling Haaland, asserting that the striker is “the best in the world” and rebuffing Roy Keane’s recent criticism. Keane, a Manchester United icon, had remarked that Haaland displayed the “movement of a League Two player” during Manchester City’s recent draw with Arsenal.

Guardiola’s response was clear: “I do not agree with him. So Erling is the best striker in the world and he helped us win what we did last season.” The City manager also expressed surprise at former players who criticize current stars, likening it to retired referees criticizing current officials. “I am not a guy who is going to criticize my colleagues when I retire,” Guardiola emphasized. He stressed the need for players to accept criticism, stating, “If you can’t accept it as a footballer you have to dedicate to another job, like read books or…”

Haaland, who has been exceptional for City, scoring 52 goals in his debut season and 29 more this term despite an injury layoff, will look to add to his tally in the upcoming match against Aston Villa. Guardiola reiterated that Haaland’s performance against Arsenal was not solely responsible for the lack of chances created.

Erling Haaland

Erling Håland



Age: 24

195 cm

87 kg

Season 2023/2024
Played 26 6 Missed
Minutes 2187 84.1 Avg
Goals 19 0.7 Avg
Assist 5 0.2 Avg
Attempt 24 0.9 Avg
Passes 305 11.778.6% AvgSucc
Yellow 1 0.0 Avg
Red 0 0.0 Avg

This season he played in total 24 times for 2016 minutes for Premier League.

Erling Haaland scored 17 goals for Manchester City. He procured 5 assists. He received 1 yellow card and no red cards.

His team is currently 3rd in Premier League. In the last match Manchester City drew 0-0 against Arsenal. The next match in Premier League will be against Aston Villa.

Manchester City performance and stats

Manchester City

Manager: Josep Guardiola i Sala
Rank 1st
Win 22
Draw 7
Loss 3
Goals 76-32
Diff 44

Manchester City is currently 3rd in the Premier League with 64 points.

In the last 29 games, it has won 19 times, drawn 7 times, and lost 3 times. In its last match, Manchester City drawn 0-0 against Arsenal.​​

It has a positive goal difference after scoring 63 goals and conceding 28.​

Manchester City will play the next match in Premier League against Aston Villa on Wednesday 3rd of April in Manchester. The prediction is Manchester City winning the match.​

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