Pep Guardiola jokes about finding “incredible satisfaction” in berating Manchester City players after Jack Grealish incident

Following Manchester City's draw against Arsenal, Pep Guardiola was seen passionately discussing with substitute Jack Grealish on the pitch, expressing his discontent with Grealish's performance.

Jack Grealish Getting Lessons From Pep Guardiola After Match Is Over
Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

Following the conclusion of the match against Arsenal at the Etihad Stadium last weekend, cameras captured Guardiola deeply engaged in conversation with substitute Grealish, who had replaced Mateo Kovacic in the 61st minute. Though the exact content of their discussion remains unclear, it was apparent that Guardiola was expressing dissatisfaction with Grealish’s performance on the field, particularly after City’s 0-0 draw. He gestured animatedly to make his points clear to the England international, who nodded in agreement.

Guardiola’s public reprimand attracted criticism from pundits, with Richard Keys expressing frustration at what he perceived as a spectacle staged for the cameras. The beIN SPORTS presenter remarked, “Save it for the dressing room! It’s all for the cameras, isn’t it? It’s so tiresome! Go down the tunnel! He shouldn’t even be on the pitch… Urghhh – and then he’s got to go and tell everybody else what they did wrong of course.”

In response to inquiries about his exchange with Grealish, Guardiola offered a sarcastic reply: “I need the cameras to go to sleep with incredible satisfaction. I always try to criticise the players there and let them know how bad they are. Especially when Erling [Haaland] scores three goals, the cameras have to be on me.”

This incident is not the first time Guardiola has been seen admonishing his players on the field. In August 2023, during a Premier League match against Burnley, he had a heated exchange with Erling Haaland immediately after the half-time whistle, despite the striker scoring twice in the first half. Haaland maintained a composed demeanor as he continued walking towards the Turf Moor tunnel, even as Guardiola pushed away a cameraman.

Guardiola’s firm approach to man-management remains a topic of debate, with opinions divided on his public displays of criticism. Looking forward, Guardiola will be eager to regroup his team as they prepare to face Aston Villa in the Premier League, aiming to return to winning form.

Jack Grealish

Jack Grealish

Forwarder, Midfielder


Age: 29

180 cm

68 kg

Season 2023/2024
Played 17 15 Missed
Minutes 911 53.6 Avg
Goals 3 0.2 Avg
Assist 1 0.1 Avg
Attempt 22 1.3 Avg
Passes 492 28.986.9% AvgSucc
Yellow 6 0.4 Avg
Red 0 0.0 Avg

This season he played in total 15 times for 731 minutes for Premier League.

Jack Grealish scored 3 goals for Manchester City. He procured one assist. He received 5 yellow cards and no red cards.

His team is currently 3rd in Premier League. In the last match Manchester City drew 0-0 against Arsenal. The next match in Premier League will be against Aston Villa.

Manchester City performance and stats

Manchester City

Manager: Josep Guardiola i Sala
Rank 3rd
Win 22
Draw 7
Loss 3
Goals 76-32
Diff 44

Manchester City is currently 3rd in the Premier League with 64 points.

In the last 29 games, it has won 19 times, drawn 7 times, and lost 3 times. In its last match, Manchester City drawn 0-0 against Arsenal.​​

It has a positive goal difference after scoring 63 goals and conceding 28.​

Manchester City will play the next match in Premier League against Aston Villa on Wednesday 3rd of April in Manchester. The prediction is Manchester City winning the match.​