Why Manchester United should consider selling Marcus Rashford


Manchester United could consider selling homegrown talent Marcus Rashford to raise funds for rebuilding their team under Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules, according to a discussion in the ESPN FC YouTube video. The speakers suggest that the net profit generated from selling Rashford would allow Manchester United to reinvest in their squad as they aim to compete among the top teams in the English Premier League.

With financial constraints and recent inconsistent performances, the prospect of selling Rashford is more open, despite his potential and recent good results, as compared to the significant transfer fee and wages for underperforming players like Jadon Sancho. Manchester United’s uncertainty in securing a spot in the top four of the Premier League, even though the odds are in their favor, further emphasizes the need for adding consistent performers to their squad.

Marcus Rashford

Marcus Rashford

Forwarder, Midfielder


Age: 27

185 cm

70 kg

Season 2023/2024
Played 31 1 Missed
Minutes 2256 72.8 Avg
Goals 7 0.2 Avg
Assist 2 0.1 Avg
Attempt 96 3.1 Avg
Passes 665 21.577.7% AvgSucc
Yellow 2 0.1 Avg
Red 0 0.0 Avg

This season he played in total 24 times for 1741 minutes for Premier League.

Marcus Rashford scored 5 goals for Manchester United. He procured two assists. He received 2 yellow cards and no red cards.

His team is currently 6th in Premier League. In the last match Manchester United won 2-1 against Luton Town. The next match in Premier League will be against Fulham.

Manchester United performance and stats

Manchester United

Manager: Erik ten Hag
Rank 7th
Win 15
Draw 5
Loss 12
Goals 47-48
Diff -1
Rank 4th
Win 1
Draw 1
Loss 4
Goals 12-15
Diff -3

Manchester United is currently 6th in the Premier League with 44 points.

In the last 25 games, it has won 14 times, drawn twice, and lost 9 times. In its last match, Manchester United won 1-2 against Luton Town.​​

It has a positive goal difference after scoring 35 goals and conceding 34.​

Manchester United will play the next match in Premier League against Fulham on Saturday 24th of February in Manchester. The prediction is Manchester United winning the match.​