Football player is struck by lightning and dies in front of fans in Indonesia

A 35-year-old football player collapsed in front of his teammates and supporters during a match in Indonesia after being struck by lightning.

Man Killed By Lightening

During a game in Indonesia, a very unfortunate football player was struck by lightning, which ultimately led to his death.

The 35-year-old Subang player was struck during a game in Bandung, West Java’s Siliwangi Stadium, shocking both his teammates and the spectators. According to The Mirror, the horrific occurrence took place during a friendly match between FBI Subang and 2 FLO FC Bandung.

The man was reportedly still breathing when he was taken to the hospital by local media PRFM News, but he tragically died soon after. This is the second time in a year that lightning has struck an Indonesian football player. In 2023, a young athlete from Bojonegoro, East Java, was struck during the Soeratin U-13 Cup and went into cardiac arrest. For treatment, he was removed from the field and sent to the Ibnu Sina Hospital in Bojonegoro.

Even though these events are extremely uncommon, more than 25 years ago, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo—which ranks five times among the world’s top 10 hotspots for average annual lightning strikes—a whole squad was struck and killed by lightning.