Italian model Paola Saulino: “I love men, so I bonked three married or engaged Premier League players.”

UNIVERSAL: The shocking revelation is that Paola Saulino, an outspoken Italian model, has slept with three football players from England's top division who were either engaged or married. Saulino argues that 98% of footballers are cheaters.

Paula Saulino

A model who said that “betrayal is natural” and supported “caring, loyal, and romantic” Kyle Walker asserts that she had three affairs with Premier League footballers who were either engaged or married.

Although Paola Saulino expressed disappointment that athletes had lied about playing away from home, she stated she was old enough to handle it.

Despite her claims that 98% of prominent football players cheat on their partners, the 34-year-old Italian beauty made it plain that she still had a deep affection for men.

In an interview with the Daily Star, she shared her personal experiences, saying, “I get messages on Instagram from a lot of footballers, even just saying hi to start a discussion.

“I have had three relationships in my life with guys from the Premier League who I later discovered were engaged or married. I was disappointed but let it always be clear that I too had a relationship with them, the difference lies in maturity.”

Paola told us exclusively last year how she met a high-level player at a villa party and then had an affair with him in a car. Later on, she took a plane to London to carry on the extramarital affairs.

But before all communication was severed, it ended bitterly when his representative made a “aggressive manner” approach to her at a restaurant.

The Napoli fan still has a sharp eye for the other sex, especially successful athletes, even after the unhappy affair ended.

“I love men and I love them a loot!” she declared to us. However, they are riddled with flaws. As a woman, I have made the decision to love and be with men, but I will never strive to change them or hold out hope that they will behave differently. I take what men are and not for what I imagine them to be and I don’t delude myself. I live in the present if I like it and if I don’t like something, I leave and I don’t even give the explanations if they aren’t capable of understanding them.”

Paola became well-known in 2016 when she offered sexual favors to men who voted against the constitutional revisions proposed by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

Following her oral sex tour, she became well-known for her intense love for Napoli, which was demonstrated when she attended a match donning just body paint following the team’s first Scudetto since 1990.

However, the influencer is currently dating a MotoGP winner, and last week, she defended Kyle Walker, a Manchester City defender who is facing criticism.

The English celebrity has openly apologized for becoming the father of a second child with Lauryn Goodman, for which he was shown to be unmarried.

He described his treatment of his fourth-child-bearing wife Annie Kilner as “horrible.” However, Paola is one person who genuinely feels sorry for him.

“First of all, I am not surprised by what Kyle did,” she remarked. Sincerely, I think that betrayal is a pretty common occurrence in life. What isn’t right? It’s possible that betrayal has a terrible reputation, yet it’s common for us to have other desires in life. Why shouldn’t love work the same way?

“I certainly sympathize with Walker since 98% of football players do this,” the racy model continued. “It’s not like they’re leading two or three parallel lives, but it’s extremely easy to have two or three spouses and kids spread out.

“Walker is not the first or the last but I like the way he apologised, taking on his faults and the responsibilities for his choices which he said he made alone while not involving his girls and trying to be respectful to them and defending his sex children.

“He has been with his partner since they were children and that’s very special and rare. I think Kyle must be a caring and romantic guy and loyal to a degree to even have this type of relationship.

“And as a footballer who has so many opportunities to have so many girls, different ones every day if he wants, and he stayed with his childhood sweetheart? It’s incredible for me. It’s a romantic story but let’s be honest, it is very difficult to trust a footballer. They are spoiled and everything is done for them.”