Team GB footballer Gemma Wiseman passes away at 33

Gemma Wiseman, a former Team GB football star, tragically passed away just before Christmas, leaving behind her wife and young daughter.

Gemma Wisman

Just before the Christmas holidays, the passing of former Team GB standout Gemma Wiseman has left her wife and young daughter in deep grief.

At 33, Wiseman was part of the UK squad that clinched third place in the 2016 World Deaf Football Championships in Italy, securing a bronze medal. Her partner, Laura, was also on that squad. Her achievements extended to a bronze win in the 2013 Deaflympics in Bulgaria and further triumphs with England and Team GB.

Reflecting on her successes with the Norfolk FA, she shared, “My biggest achievement is winning Bronze in Italy and it was the best team. We gave everything in those games, and it meant a lot to all of us. My other biggest achievements are getting the England FA caps and Olympic medal.”

The tragic discovery of Wiseman’s body in a Norfolk park on December 16 has shattered her family, including her three-year-old daughter.

An inquest into her passing has commenced at the Norfolk Coroner’s Court. To assist Wiseman’s wife, Laura, a GoFundMe page has been set up, raising nearly £8000. The heartfelt statement on the page describes Gemma as a kind, humorous, and vibrant person, sorely missed by her family.

Lucindha Lawson, Wiseman’s former teammate, emotionally honored her on Instagram, remembering their shared moments during tournaments and adventures across various countries. Lawson described Wiseman as a remarkable individual and an exceptional player, expressing regret for not doing more for their friendship but finding solace in her freedom from suffering.

Beyond her sporting career, Wiseman was a teaching assistant and a strong advocate for girls’ participation in football. She was instrumental in launching an Inclusive Festival for Girls, urging young girls to pursue their passion for the sport and find role models to inspire them.

Her words echoed encouragement: “Girls who are not sure about playing football, you never know until you try and follow your heart. It’s important to have the girls look up to as role models, so they can prove them wrong and be able to play the sport that they enjoy.”