Who is Michela Persico, Daniele Rugani’s fiance

Michela Persico, a respected Italian journalist and host of the Italian Match of the Day, built her career through dedication and passion for football.

Rugani And His Girlfriend's Love Story

The lovely Michela Persico, aged 31, is renowned in Italy as the host of the country’s version of Match of the Day and is highly regarded as a journalist. Hailing from Bergamo, she has contributed to prominent platforms such as Football Top 24 and SportItalia, previously holding the role of sports editor at TeleLombardia.

Her deep passion for soccer motivated her journey, starting with her studies in Languages at the University of Bergamo and leading to her breakthrough in football journalism. Most notably, she recently presented the TV show Tiki Taka, gaining admiration from both men and women, evident in her thriving social media presence.

With her football expertise and striking appearance, Michela has garnered nearly 2.1 million followers on Instagram, providing glimpses into her life as a footballer’s partner. She’s not hesitant to share alluring bikini photos, displaying her confidence in her own skin.

An avid supporter of Rugani, she’s often seen donning a Juventus shirt with her partner’s name and number while passionately cheering for him from the stadium stands. Their relationship blossomed after meeting at an Italian tennis match in 2016, initially connecting through social media and continuing their conversations there.

They both together have a son.

Rugani recently proposed to his girlfriend, Michela Persico, in a heartwarming moment during a concert on a Saturday night.


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Daniele Rugani

Daniele Rugani



Age: 30

190 cm

84 kg

Season 2023/2024
Played 15 17 Missed
Minutes 1021 68.1 Avg
Goals 2 0.1 Avg
Assist 0 0.0 Avg
Attempt 0 0.0 Avg
Passes 570 38.073.7% AvgSucc
Yellow 2 0.1 Avg
Red 0 0.0 Avg

This season he played in total 8 times for 526 minutes for Serie A.

Daniele Rugani scored 1 goal for Juventus. He procured no assists. He received 1 yellow card and no red cards.

His team is currently 2nd in Serie A. In the last match Juventus drew 1-1 against Genoa. The next match in Serie A will be against Frosinone.

Juventus performance and stats


Manager: Massimiliano Allegri
Rank 3rd
Win 18
Draw 9
Loss 5
Goals 45-24
Diff 21

Juventus is currently 2nd in the Serie A with 37 points.

In the last 16 games, it has won 11 times, drawn 4 times, and lost once. In its last match, Juventus drawn 1-1 against Genoa.​​

It has a positive goal difference after scoring 24 goals and conceding 10.​

Juventus will play the next match in Serie A against Frosinone on Saturday 23rd of December in Frosinone. The prediction is Juventus winning the match.​