German bikini bodybuilding champion’s weight gain mission

A "bikini class" bodybuilder has disclosed her rigorous fitness regimen.

Lia Liebing The German Bikini Bodybuilder Speaks On Her Career
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A German champion in bikini bodybuilding has shared the rigorous routine she maintains to stay competitive. This includes adding 10 kilograms in preparation for the upcoming tournament and sticking to a strict eating schedule of every three hours.

Lia Liebing clinched victory at the Bodybuilding World Championships in the ‘bikini class’ in Berlin, defending her 2022 title, despite starting her journey in the sport during the Covid pandemic.

Originally not intending to compete officially until this year, Liebing’s remarkable progress in the gym led to a change in plans. However, her pursuit of the ‘perfect beach body’ demands intense dedication, with a demanding training and nutrition plan that strictly aligns with her competition regulations.

With a substantial social media presence, boasting nearly 11,000 Instagram followers, Liebing treats her fans to captivating photos showcasing her muscular yet toned physique. She often shares images of her victories and hard work in the gym, offering a glimpse into the effort behind her craft.

Describing her category as centred around achieving an ideal beach body, Liebing emphasized the need for a beautiful, athletic overall appearance while adhering to specific muscle visibility regulations.

During the Berlin competition, Liebing weighed in at 56.6kg but maintained just seven per cent body fat, a state she can’t sustain year-round without compromising her health. She emphasized the health risks of maintaining such low body fat continuously.

As part of her tournament preparations, Liebing adheres to a strict eating regimen and is required to gain 10 kilograms ahead of the upcoming Bodybuilding World Championships in Las Vegas. However, she will then begin a process to trim down before the tournament, aiming for the precise muscle tone required for competition.

Liebing acknowledged the unconventional demands of her sport, admitting, ‘About three to four months before the next World Championships in Las Vegas, I’ll lose weight again to get into competition shape, you have to be a bit crazy to do this sport.”

Apart from Instagram, Liebing shares fitness videos on YouTube, where she has nearly 3,500 followers, showcasing her performances at competitions. Additionally, she represents the bodybuilding clothing brand Raize and German supplement firm Vitaminversand24.