Historic moment: Lionel Messi’s World Cup final jersey set for record-breaking auction

Lionel Messi's historic jersey, worn during Argentina's World Cup final victory against France, is set to be auctioned for £8 million, potentially redefining sports memorabilia valuations. This follows Michael Jordan's 1998 NBA Finals jersey, which sold for £8.1 million. The jersey represents a defining moment in football and is expected to be a significant item in auction history.

Historic Moment: Lionel Messi's World Cup Final Jersey Set For Record Breaking Auction

In an unprecedented event, Lionel Messi’s historic jersey, worn during Argentina’s momentous World Cup final victory against France, is poised to headline a groundbreaking auction that could redefine sports memorabilia valuations. Anticipation is rife as experts project the bidding to surpass the £8 million mark, potentially etching Messi’s jersey into the annals of auction history.

This upcoming auction follows the remarkable feat of Michael Jordan’s jersey from the 1998 NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz, which, just last September, clinched the title of the most expensive sports jersey ever sold at auction, commanding an astounding £8.1 million.

Messi’s jersey, a tangible testament to his indelible impact on global football, represents more than just a piece of fabric; it encapsulates a defining moment in the sport’s narrative. As enthusiasts and collectors eagerly await the auction, the significance of owning a relic from Messi’s unparalleled career amplifies the allure surrounding this historic event.


Lionel Messi

Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini

Forwarder, Midfielder


Age: 36

170 cm

72 kg

Season 2023
Played 6 28 Missed
Minutes 372 62.0 Avg
Goals 1 0.2 Avg
Assist 2 0.3 Avg
Attempt 20 3.3 Avg
Passes 190 31.776.2% AvgSucc
Yellow 0 0.0 Avg
Red 0 0.0 Avg

This season he played in total 6 times for 372 minutes for Major League Soccer.

Lionel Messi scored 1 goal for Inter Miami. He procured two assists. He received no yellow cards and no red cards.

His team is currently 14th in Major League Soccer. In the last match Inter Miami lost 1-0 against Charlotte.

Inter Miami performance and stats

Inter Miami

Manager: Gerardo Martino
Rank 14th
Win 9
Draw 7
Loss 18
Goals 41-54
Diff -13

Inter Miami is currently 14th in the Major League Soccer with 34 points.

In the last 34 games, it has won 9 times, drawn 7 times, and lost 18 times. In its last match, Inter Miami lost 1-0 against Charlotte.​​

It has a negative goal difference after scoring 41 goals and conceding 54.​

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