Security chaos erupts as pitch invaders target Mohamed Salah during Egypt’s clash

Liverpool's Mohamed Salah faced chaos during Egypt's match against Sierra Leone, as pitch invaders disrupted the match. Security personnel intervened, and Salah's teammate, Mohamed Abdelmonem, chased away an aggressive intruder. Egyptian staff formed a protective barrier, and soldiers escorted Salah off the field. Despite the disturbances, Egypt secured a 2-0 victory, with former Aston Villa ace Trezeguet netting both goals and Salah contributing to Egypt's success in Africa's World Cup qualifying Group A.

Security Chaos Erupts As Pitch Invaders Target Mohamed Salah During Egypt's Clash

In a shocking turn of events during Egypt’s recent clash against Sierra Leone, Liverpool’s star player, Mohamed Salah, found himself in the midst of chaos as pitch invaders disrupted the match. The alarming scenes unfolded last night, with security personnel resorting to physical altercations with the intruders.

As Salah showcased his football prowess on the pitch, security staff had to intervene forcefully when a fan, donning a Liverpool shirt, approached the winger. Adding to the chaos, another invader, wearing a Manchester City shirt, further heightened tensions. Salah’s teammate, Mohamed Abdelmonem, played a crucial role in chasing away a particularly aggressive intruder who sprinted toward the Reds star in the 89th minute.

Egyptian staff swiftly formed a protective barrier around the 31-year-old, ensuring his safety amidst the chaotic scenes. Soldiers surrounded Salah, eventually escorting him off the field. Bafflingly, a policeman was seen filming the ordeal. The unsettling incident unfolded with Salah looking visibly concerned, highlighting the severity of the situation.

Despite the off-field disturbances, Egypt secured a 2-0 victory over Sierra Leone, with former Aston Villa ace Trezeguet netting both goals. Salah, pivotal in the build-up, assisted in the second goal, contributing to Egypt’s success in Africa’s World Cup qualifying Group A.


Here is the highlight video of Egypt vs. Sierra Leone, which ended with a 2-0 victory for Egypt. 

Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah Ghaly

Forwarder, Midfielder


Age: 31

175 cm

71 kg

Season 2023/2024
Played 14 0 Missed
Minutes 1227 87.6 Avg
Goals 10 0.7 Avg
Assist 5 0.4 Avg
Attempt 40 2.9 Avg
Passes 415 29.676.9% AvgSucc
Yellow 1 0.1 Avg
Red 0 0.0 Avg

This season he played in total 12 times for 1047 minutes for Premier League.

Mohamed Salah scored 10 goals for Liverpool. He procured 3 assists. He received 1 yellow card and no red cards.

His team is currently 2nd in Premier League. In the last match Liverpool won 3-0 against Brentford. The next match in Premier League will be against Manchester City.

Liverpool performance and stats


Manager: Jürgen Klopp
Rank 2nd
Win 9
Draw 4
Loss 1
Goals 32-14
Diff 18
Rank 1st
Win 4
Draw 0
Loss 1
Goals 16-5
Diff 11
Last season

Liverpool is currently 2nd in the Premier League with 27 points.

In the last 12 games, it has won 8 times, drawn 3 times, and lost once. In its last match, Liverpool won 3-0 against Brentford.​​

It has a positive goal difference after scoring 27 goals and conceding 10.​

Liverpool will play the next match in Premier League against Manchester City on Saturday 25th of November in Manchester.​

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