Wedded football star rejects Affair allegations amid viral video of ‘Alleged Mistress’ in his residence

Football player who is married has been compelled to refute rumors that he is having an extramarital relationship.

Victor Canilo Accused With Affair With Dj Monaliny
Instagram @djmonaliny

Corinthians standout Victor Cantillo is alleged to have hosted a gathering at his residence while his spouse, Geraldine Pineda, was visiting her parents.

A video, shared on social media by Monaliny Soares, who is purportedly linked to Cantillo romantically, has been making the rounds. The footage captures a DJ strolling through a house, draped only in a dressing gown, while filming what appears to be Cantillo with his family.

Cantillo addressed the situation on Instagram, stating, “In the last few hours, information has emerged that seeks to harm the stability of my wife and two children.”

“I categorically reject that intention and ask for respect for the privacy of my home.”

“After the repercussions of an old video circulating on the networks, my family and I will preserve our personal issues, without exposure.”

“I am focused and focused on this decisive moment for my team.”

Despite Cantillo’s response, Monaliny reaffirmed her claims in an interview with Quem magazine. The Brazilian explained, “His wife had gone on a trip with her parents and he sent me a message that he was going to have a party at his apartment with friends and acquaintances.”

“So we stayed there and slept in the apartment with him. In his and his wife’s room.”

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