Ajax nets ‘Season’s Most Absurd Goal’ as goalkeeper’s unprecedented blunder unfolds

The season's most absurd goal was scored by Ajax Women after the opposing goalie misjudged the trajectory of a bouncing ball.

Romée Leuchter’s Free Kick For Ajax Had The Excelsior Keeper Properly Flummoxed
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Ajax Women were in for an unexpected stroke of luck when they found themselves benefiting from the most absurd goal of the current season. This extraordinary event took place during their match against Excelsior in the Eredivisie.

In the dying moments of the game, Romee Leuchter, eyeing a hat-trick, stepped up to take a free-kick during added time. Despite an unusual twist of fate that saw her shot strike the crossbar, the scoreline soon read 3-1 in Ajax’s favour.

The ball soared high into the air, and the opposing goalkeeper, Isa Pothof, mistakenly assumed it was heading out of play. In a bizarre move, she punched a spare ball from the net’s roof onto the field. Unfortunately for her, the live ball took an unexpected bounce and, due to its spin, crossed the goal line, sealing a victory for the visiting Ajax Women.

Ajax Women wasted no time sharing a video of this unbelievable goal on social media, accompanied by the caption: “You can’t stop us.” Within just 12 hours, the video garnered over two million views.

Reactions from fans poured in. One commenter humorously declared, “Well the category for most ridiculous goal of the season is already closed and wrapped up for 23/24.”

Another questioned the goalkeeper’s actions, asking, “What was the goalie thinking… or forgot to!”

A third fan expressed amazement, stating, “The most bizarre goalkeeping I have ever seen.”

A fourth response offered an explanation: “For those who can’t understand, she misjudged the air ball assuming it had gone out of play and to start the next play quickly she was grabbing a second ball to kick out and counterattack.”

Debate among fans ensued regarding whether the goal should have been allowed, given the presence of a secondary ball that had just entered the pitch.

According to FIFA rules, the referee must halt play if two balls are on the field, but only if they are causing interference.

As no one had touched the live ball before it found the net, the correct decision was made, and Ajax celebrated their three points, elevating them to fourth place after their opening fixture.

Ajax performance and stats


Manager: John van \'t Schip
Rank 5th
Win 15
Draw 10
Loss 8
Goals 72-59
Diff 13
Rank 3rd
Win 1
Draw 2
Loss 3
Goals 10-13
Diff -3

Ajax is currently 12th in the Eredivisie with 5 points.

In the last 4 games, it has won once, drawn twice, and lost once. In its last match, Ajax lost 3-1 against FC Twente.​​

It has a positive goal difference after scoring 7 goals and conceding 6.​

Ajax will play the next match in Eredivisie against Feyenoord on Sunday 24th of September in Amsterdam.​