Neymar’s unimpressive highlights in Saudi Pro League lead to charity match comparisons

Neymar's debut in the Saudi Pro League attracted attention for all the wrong reasons as he recorded arguably his easiest career assist.

Neymar Jr Unimpresses Al Hilal Fans

Football enthusiasts initially mistook Neymar’s debut with Al-Hilal as a charity match, largely due to the perceived subpar quality of the Saudi Pro League.

The 31-year-old former PSG superstar made his first appearance in the Middle East on Friday night following his £77 million summer transfer. Manager Jorge Jesus decided not to start him, considering Neymar had played a full 90 minutes for Brazil less than three days prior.

Upon his introduction, Neymar played a significant role in Al-Hilal’s 6-1 victory over Al-Riyadh, contributing to two goals, including an assist to fellow former Barcelona player Malcom for their fourth goal. A clip of this particular goal quickly went viral on social media, albeit for less favourable reasons.

In the video, Neymar received the ball in his own half and advanced freely, facing just two Riyadh players defending. He proceeded without encountering any challenges, releasing the ball into wide-open space, where Malcolm scored effortlessly.

One fan expressed on social media, “I thought Neymar was playing in some type of charity match for a second, this is actually the Saudi League”

Another echoed this sentiment, saying, “Man I’m glad to see Neymar playing but look at this, looks like a charity game is like no one is giving any effort lol this league is HORRIBLE.”

A third commenter remarked, “Midway through the dribble you can see him realise how sorry this is, f*** PSG,”

A fourth fan expressed disappointment, saying, “Can’t believe Neymar actually went to Saudi, sad stuff.”

A fifth individual humorously noted, “Blud was running three mph and still took out three defenders. ‘Top 5 league’ lmao.”

Lastly, a sixth person stated, “I don’t wanna hear any talk about the Saudi league being better than MLS.”

Neymar also found himself in the midst of a penalty controversy when Al-Hilal was awarded a spot-kick during stoppage time. Fans expressed their displeasure by booing club legend and Saudi international Salem Al Dawsari when he didn’t allow his new teammate to take the penalty.


Neymar da Silva Santos Junior

Forwarder, Midfielder


Age: 32

175 cm

68 kg

This season he played in total once for 26 minutes for Pro League.

Neymar didn’t score any goal for Al Hilal. He procured one assist. He received no yellow cards and no red cards.

His team is currently 1st in Pro League. In the last match Al Hilal won 6-1 against Al Riyadh. The next match in Pro League will be against Dhamk.

Brazil performance and stats


Manager: Fernando Diniz
Rank 6th
Win 2
Draw 1
Loss 3
Goals 8-7
Diff 1
This season

Brazil is currently playing the WC Qualification South America. It won its previous match 0-1 against Peru.

Al Hilal performance and stats

Al Hilal

Manager: Jorge Pinheiro de Jesus
Rank 1st
Win 29
Draw 2
Loss 0
Goals 95-20
Diff 75

Al Hilal is currently 1st in the Pro League with 16 points.

In the last 6 games, it has won 5 times and drawn once. In its last match, Al Hilal won 6-1 against Al Riyadh.​​

It has a positive goal difference after scoring 20 goals and conceding 6.​

Al Hilal will play the next match in Pro League against Dhamk on Thursday 21st of September in Mahalah.​

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