THE TRANSFORMATION: World Cup’s sexiest fan takes rugby world by storm

Ivana Knoll, a Croatian social media sensation who was previously named the sexiest World Cup fan, has switched her focus to rugby after posting a few images wearing a bikini with the French flag on it.

Ivana Knooll

Ivana Knoll, known as the World Cup’s sexiest fan, is now aiming to make a splash at the Rugby World Cup, following her attention-grabbing presence at the football tournament last year. Despite her absence from the opening match, where France secured a stunning 27-13 victory over New Zealand, Ivana has been capturing attention with her vibrant French-themed outfits.

Hailing from Croatia, where rugby is not widely played and the national team has never qualified for the World Cup, Ivana has gained a massive following through her daring fashion choices. Last year, she made waves in Qatar by wearing revealing Croatia-themed outfits, and this time, she has switched to supporting the host nation, France, with her tricolour-themed attire.

While Ivana was seen partying in Ibiza during the weekend and missed the opening match, her Instagram posts showcasing her pool-side bikini snaps garnered significant attention from her 3.2 million followers. Many fans expressed their admiration and even proposed marriage, emphasizing her captivating allure.

Although it remains unclear whether Ivana’s support for France is temporary or long-term, her fans eagerly speculated about her allegiance. Despite the limited rugby presence in Croatia, Ivana’s journey from a football fan to a rugby enthusiast has added an exciting twist to her story, as she continues to captivate audiences with her stunning presence and fashion choices.