Veronika Rajek hot in a green bikini pulling down the swimwear in Italy.

Slovakian model Veronika Rajek surprised Instagram followers by revealing her wet bikini bottoms, showcasing her impressive physique. She showcased her abs, curves, and six-pack abs, making her 5'11" body stand out. Rajek, who stands at 5'11", posed with damp hair and water droplets covering her body. She later reappeared in video mode, posing with damp hair and captioning her photo with "ABS-olutely."

Veronika Rajek...

Veronika Rajek is shocking Instagram by taking down her bikini bottoms when she is very wet. The 27-year-old Slovakian model delighted her admirers in video mode as she uploaded earlier this week, making sure to show off her incredible physique. Veronika Rajek’s bikini body made her 5 million+ Instagram followers sweat while she flaunted her jaw-dropping abs and well-known curves. She also demonstrated her six-pack abs in a display that gave The Rock a run for his money, proving that she has just as much muscle as she does curves.

The Fashion Nova partner left little to the imagination while sizzling in a vivid green bikini and holding her phone in one hand. Veronika Rajek, who stands at 5’11”, attracted attention with her long legs and small waist while displaying her 5’11” physique on Instagram while largely concealing her face with her other hand.

Veronika was clearly promoting the dripping-wet look with water droplets covering her body. With a swipe to the right, the model reappeared in video mode, this time pulling down her bikini bottoms and unmistakably raising the stakes. Veronika again posed with damp hair, giving fans a huge ab flash.
“ABS-olutely,” read the clever caption. Bikini bombshell Veronika Rajek was located in Capri, Italy, thanks to a geotag.