Tom Brady rumoured dating new girlfriend Veronika Rajek following this Instagram message

Tom Brady’s breakup with Giselle B√ľndchen sparked widespread speculation that he might be dating someone new.

Brady has recently been in the news for a variety of other topics besides his incredible sporting accomplishments after a string of unsuccessful investments and his separation from his wife of 13 years, Gisele Bundchen.

Gisele is thought to have moved on by this point and may be dating her ju-jitsu coach, while Brady is not yet known to have started dating again. Brady put on one of his best seasons performances while playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Oakland Raiders, and model Veronika Rajek was spotted watching the game, so that may have changed.

When Rajek showered Brady with love on her Instagram story while she was at the game, many people questioned whether she had a secret agenda. She fanned those flames with a later cryptic Instagram story post.

Many think her directive to Brady to “focus on his 8th ring” may have had more than one intended meaning. Because Brady has won the Super Bowl seven times, he has seven rings.

Even though she’s probably talking about winning an eighth Super Bowl, some fans think she may be implying that she wants to marry the athlete and that’s what he should be aiming for.