Ivana Knoll posts a new pic in a tight bikini on Instagram

The World Cup in Qatar may have ended, but the so-called hottest fan, Ivana Knoll, keeps on teasing her fans. Ivana had less than 1 million followers on Instagram right before the World Cup. She now has 3.5 million followers, and her fan base has been growing very rapidly.

Ivana became famous after posting a series of pictures, often in a bikini, at the beach while in Qatar. It is well known that the country has very strict dress codes, and there was a fear that Ivana could have been arrested. That, fortunately, didn’t happen. The former Miss Croatia said that the authorities seemed to be fine with her way of appearing in public.

Ivana has just posted the following picture, clearly stating that her social media activity will not end with the World Cup.


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